Mr. Robert Rodenski

Bob was born and raised in a small coal mining town near Pittsburgh, left at 18 to enlist in the Marine Corps, rose through the enlisted ranks to Gunnery Sergeant (E7) and retired after 22 years as a Captain of Marines. He worked for 32 years as a child support enforcement District Manager for the Virginia Department of Social Services.

Bob has been a BCA member since 1972 after purchasing a male puppy out of Frank Hopkins “Billyhops” line. That was the beginning of the family’s love story with dogs and his commitment to his colleagues, local dog clubs and the BCA.

During his lengthy dog career, Bob has served in just about every capacity and numerous positions within the BCA and all-breed clubs.  He served as BCA president twice, the Charitable Fund Secretary, BCACF Board Member, and as a member of various BCA Committees.  He assisted in the forming of three BCA member clubs.  As Division 7 President, he and the Division members hosted three Nationals in Washington, DC, (1995, 2004 and 2011) and were planning the 2020 Nationals until Covid shut down the country.    Bob negotiated the first ever dog food sponsorship of our National shows.

Bob has held several offices, including President, of his local all-breed kennel club and as a member, was awarded the AKC Outstanding Sportsman medallion. He was that club’s Delegate to the American Kennel Club for several years.  

In his spare time, Bob enjoys fishing, hunting and spending time with his daughters and grandchildren.