Mrs. Stacey Gann-Trentham

My life started with Bulldogs, literally. The first national show I attended was in 1977, however, I do not remember the event as it was a few months prior to my birth. I had the pleasure of growing up with Doc’s Train Gang, most recognizable from that litter was Ch. Doc’s Wabash Cannonball.

While I grew up going to many shows with my parents, John “Doc” and Nancy Gann, I did not start showing until I was in college, earning my BS in Accounting, and began judging several years after, only to be the second father/daughter bulldog breeder judges.  I have encountered several highs in the breed, one was being inducted into the BCA Hall of Fame in 2011. I have also had the honor to serve BCA at the national (2008-2009) and division (2006-present) levels and at the local level for Heart of America Bulldog Club (2010-present).

Until a few years ago, my bulldogs were my entire world then I met the love of my life, Austin, and his daughter, Marlee. They welcomed me and all my fur kids with open arms and the rest is history. Outside of dogs, I love spending time with family and friends and sharing our love of the breed along with many other passions, mostly sports.

I want to thank the show committee for the opportunity to judge regular class dogs at the BCA Division 1 specialty show held in conjunction with the 2024 BCA National Show.

Stacey Gann-Trentham