Privacy Notice


 We consider your privacy of the utmost importance.

  • Contained herein: Who we are, what we collect, how we use the info we collect, your requests for consent notice, when we would share your info with 3rd parties (Never!), where we store your data, etc.
  • This notice only applies to the BCA National Show Website located at

Please read the policy carefully and contact us with any questions or concerns about your privacy practices.

Who we are?

We are the Bulldog Club of America National Show.

What information do we collect?

We collect personal information, eg names, addresses, emails and phone numbers.

  • When you purchase a product or complete a form
  • We specifically collect names, addresses, phones, emails through each of the data collection methods
  • We do not process your financial data. All secure private information is processed through Stripe’s secure purchase process.

How do we use personal information?

We use your information to:

  • deliver events communication
  • internal research and development purposes
  • providing goods and services
  • meeting internal audit requirements

What legal basis do we have for processing your personal data?

Relevant processing conditions contained within the GDPR:

  • consent

We rely on consent.  If you do not wish to have your information stored we will erase your documentation and your order will not be completed.

When do we share personal data?

We will treat personal data confidentially.  We only share it in-house to provide your service or product.

  • All show contacts have agreed to hold private any purchase or request.
  • We only share your information in order to process your request or purchase

Where do we store and process personal data?

We only store your data in the United States.  We ensure the data is processed according to our privacy policy and the applicable law of the country where data is located.

How do we secure personal data?

Data we collect is kept secure behind firewalls and spam protections.  We backup our data weekly to secure drives to prevent data loss.

How long do we keep your personal data for?

We only keep your data until completion of an audit of the National Show which will take place in January 2020.  After which it is deleted and/or put through our shredder.

 Your rights in relation to personal data

Under the GDPR, we must respect the right of data subjects to access and control their personal data.  In our privacy notice, we have outline the rights in respect of:

  • access to personal information
  • correction and deletion
  • withdrawal of consent (if processing data on condition of consent)
  • data portability
  • restriction of processing and objection

Use of cookies and other technologies

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Linking to other websites / third party content

Our website is linked to the Bulldog Club of America website as the parent club of this show.  We also link to Purina as our sponsor.

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