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The National Show Catalog is the catalog that never gets thrown away! Be a part of history and promote your dog, club or special event by advertising. Purchase your catalog in advance to get a handy discount and ensure that you get your copy. The show catalog is the best way to know what’s going on during National week and includes the show schedule, judges, breeder and exhibitor index, clinics and seminars as well as advertising.

  • $35 if you order now and pick up at the show!  It will cost you $40 if you wait and buy at the show.  Limited numbers will be available at the show so reserve one now!
  • $50 includes shipping for Mailed Catalogs with results.  Mailed after the Show is complete.

Contact Jennifer Bayne  [email protected]


Be Informed!

The best way to know what is going on during National Week is through the Catalog!

It is an invaluable tool, including the show schedule, Judges, breeder index, advertising, seminars, clinics and of course entry information!

It is literally a who’s who in the ring!

Don’t Miss OUT!  Reserve yours today!

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