Show Packages


Advance Catalog Purchase: Purchase and pick-up at the show or it will be mailed to you after the show.

BCA Banquet Tickets November 1st is the deadline for table seating requests. First come first served for front seating. Online banquet reservation cut off is November 15th in order to give the hotel an estimated head count. You will still be able to purchase a ticket during Nationals, directly through Teresa McDermott, up until the end of Intersex on National Day.

Catalog Advertising:  Ad deadline is Nov 3rd.

Merchandise Purchases No deadline if picking up at show!

RV Parking

Thanksgiving Dinner Tickets: November 15, 2021

Trophy Pledges/Donations:  Donations received prior to TBD will be listed in the catalog.

Vendors   NOTE: a $50 cancellation fee will be collected for cancellations received after TBD.

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