Best All-Around Bulldog Contest
Special Event During 2021 Nationals Week TBD

BCA Performance & Civic Activities Committee (PCAC)

How it works:

Each dog accumulates points as detailed below for each entry as well as for qualifying and receiving placements. Within each category multiple entries count with the noted exception (see scoring example below).

Five Possible Categories
1. Conformation Show*
2. Junior Showmanship
3. Obedience and/or Rally Trial
4. CGC and/or Trick Dog Evaluations
5. Fun Zone activity participation (rally, lure coursing, agility, Scent ‘n Go), Trick Contest
Dogs with top four highest scores for the week win:
1. $200 cash + gift basket + rosette
2. $150 cash + gift basket + rosette
3. $100 cash + gift basket + rosette
4. $50 cash + rosette
Ties will be broken by a coin flip as necessary.

Points Schedule

Printable PDF

Point structure:
• 1 point = entering conformation show*, juniors, obedience trial and/or rally trial.
• 1 point = entering Trick Contest
• 1 point = participating in a Fun Zone booth educational activity (Scent ‘n Go, agility, lure coursing, rally).
• 1 point = evaluation for CGC and/or Trick Dog titles.
• 2 points = passing requirements for title in CGC and/or Trick Dog, qualifying in rally and/or obedience trial.
• 4 points = 1st in class, 3 pts = 2nd, 2 pts = 3rd, 1 pt = 4th (conformation, juniors, rally, obedience)
• 5 points = high combined score in rally, high combined score in obedience, high triple combined in rally, BOB, BOW, BOS, SD, SB, AOM, WD, WB, RWD or RWB in conformation, best junior handler.
*Eligible Shows for conformation: Either Bulldog Club of America National Specialty or TBD (report only one of these two shows)

Scoring example:
You enter a conformation show (1 point), you win first place (4 points), you win reserve (5 points), you take a CGC evaluation (1 point) you pass the CGC (2 points), you participate in three Fun Zone educational activities (3 points), you enter a rally trial (1 point) you qualify (2 points) but don’t get a placement (0 points), and you enter an obedience trial (1 point) you qualify (2 points) and you get a third place (2 points) = 24 points! The more you do, the better chance you have to win.

• Forms are available at the welcome desk and the Fun Zone.
• Completed forms ready for submission must be turned into the Fun Zone booth no later than one hour after judging is completed on TBD.

Winners will be announced and prizes will be awarded on TBD at a time that will be announced in the show room and in the Fun Zone once determined.

For more info, go to the Fun Zone booth during Nationals week or call April Paulman (317)604-8381.

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