Junior Showmanship

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Adrian and Michelle have been showing dogs since 1993. Starting with their Miniature Dachshunds and Irish Wolfhounds.

After being parked in the overnight parking next to Peggy and Al Breckley at the Palm Springs show in 1996, being introduced to Freckle’s little girl, Lexi, who became the dam to their first Bulldog, Ceci. The Quesada’s have been smitten with the Bulldog breed and the rest is history.

They are BCA Hall of Fame Breeders, have finished over 40 champions in the breeds that they own, breed and show: Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, Irish Wolfhounds and Dachshunds.

They judge Bulldogs and other nonsporting and hound breeds.  Their love however will always be the Bulldogs.

Regular Dog Classes

Carlos Albuquerque

My love of Bulldogs began in 1999 when I purchased my first Bulldog, Boris. He was a beloved pet to my family and I began to study everything I could about the breed. I even attempted to show him a few times and quickly realized that Boris was no show dog. After much research, I had my own litter that produced a bitch named Javary Mirage. She was a competitive girl that took her class in open at the World Dog show in Argentina.

Since then, I have had two Brazilian National winners in 2004 and 2006, and I have been nominated two times Best Bulldog Breeder in my country, Brazil, in 2007 and 2008.

The first Brazilian dog to enter and place at a BCA Nationals was owned and bred by me, Javary Wave in Reading, PA, 2008. I bred the first Brazilian bulldog to win a class at the Kansas City, MI BCA Nationals in 2009, open dogs, Javary The Thing (“Jake”). He became the first Brazilian Bulldog ever to become an American Champion in 2010. In 2012, Jake was 3 rd place in a very competitive Stud Dog class at the Costa Mesa, CA BCA Nationals.

I soon realized that I needed to take my passion for Bulldogs past the ring. Brazil did not have a publication for our beloved breed, so I created “Bulldog Show” magazine and was the editor for almost ten years. I earned my judging license in 2016 and have judged National shows all over South America and in the US. On October 23, 2020, I became President of The Brazilian Bulldog Council, CBRB, which is the equivalent of the BCA in Brazil.

I am looking forward to judging in Knoxville, TN , in the most important week for us Bulldoggers around the globe! Thank you BCA Division VIII for this great honor!

Regular Bitch Classes

When a young Ken Roux ventured to the International Kennel Club dog shows staged then at McCormick Place in Chicago in 1984, little did he know he had just found his calling in the World of PureBred Dogs. Raised in Dixon IL, just outside the Windy City, Ken has always had a soft spot for animals big and small, since a young tender age.

Mr Roux started in Dogs in the 80s, and began judging in 1996 when AKC approved him simultaneously for Bulldogs, Bostons and French Bulldogs – the same three breeds he  has gained much success, and is still very much involved with today.  Ken has bred and owned over 100 AKC Champions in the 3 breeds combined, and his dogs have won the top coveted awards of BOB at Nationals, Regional Specialties, Westminster Kennel Club, and the AKC National Championship clusters on numerous occasions repeatedly, spanning over many years.

Ken is an avid Breed Ambassador, and has served in different capacity in the Regional and National clubs, including holding positions in the Parent Clubs, apart from being a Breeder of Merit, and Breeder-Owner of Number One Dogs. As an approved Breed Mentor, Ken also enjoys presenting seminars to share his knowledge, and help educate those interested to learn about Bulldogs, Bostons and Frenchies.

With an acute propensity for the Brachycephalic breeds, but also all things canine,  Ken often conducts independent research from anatomy to theriogenology to better his knowledge and often shares his findings with his like-minded colleagues to better the appreciation of the canine species.

Ken has judged internationally all over the world, and his expertise and viewpoints are much sought after. As a Judge, Ken strongly believes in judging on the day regardless of the exhibits’ past accomplishments, advertisements and rankings.  Renowned for giving everyone a fair chance regardless if they are puppies, top-ranked specials, novices or professional handlers, Ken judges according to the Breed Standard with Type on the forefront of his mind always.

Like all true connoisseurs, Mr. Roux is humbled to be nominated and voted to judge at the next Bulldog Club of America’s National Specialty, and considers the honor a big highlight of his judging career, which he immensely looks forward to.

Intersex, Veteran, Non-Regular Classes

Steve Terry

‘Not every pet is a show dog, but every show dog is a pet” are words spoken at Westminster 2021, which struck a chord with Steve Terry.

I have been fortunate to have very influential people in my life who always taught me it is not about the dogs, but about the people around us. Mrs. Micki and Dr. Jack Brown, Patty Murray, Wendell and Pat Tinsley, Dennis O’Connor, Jay Serion, and many others are the people that I have been through ups and downs with and who have been steadfast friends and mentors in Bulldogs.

I have had some great companions from Champion Chef’s Bailey’s Comet, my very first champion to Mr. Zipper, also known as CH Chef’s Parisienne Gigalo, being one of my early Frenchie Champions.  I began breeding in the mid-90s, then life took me away from breeding and handling for a number of years. Now, with my beautiful wife, Moira, we are re-establishing our place in the dog world.

Thank you all for allowing me the opportunity to judge during National Week 2022. As much as I am looking forward to judging beautiful Bulldogs, I am hoping to see many familiar faces and new friends.